Based in the heart of NYC, we provide unique physical retail design solutions for brands.

Need a new store concept?

We specialize in creating new prototypes and can take the design through expansion & national rollout.

We can design a complete branded package for you that provides a seamless online and in-store shopping experience.

We also work with start-up brands and have special design packages to get you from one step to the next.

We offer all of the following services: 

Storefront Design

Interior Design

Space Planning

Graphics & Signage

Visual Merchandising

Fixture Design

Point of Purchase

Brand Strategy

Identity Design




Jennifer Magee
Architect & Retail Designer

Associates & Staff

Chad Nielsen
Interior Designer

Emily Gutierrez
Graphic Designer

Richard Mulley
Industrial Designer

Melanie Smith
Interior Designer

Jana Synder

Petrina Holoszyc
Operations Manager

Zhenzhong Xiao
Interior Designer

Vid Bogdanovic

Kriti Singh
Merchandising Manager

Bethany Burrows
Graphic Designer

Danko Popovic

Dan Snouffer
Visual Merchandiser